Be healthy.
Get paid.

Wellth is the app that pays you
to follow your care plan.

How Wellth works

Using Wellth is easy, fun, and rewarding.


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Call us at (844) 336-9623 and enroll in less than 10 minutes to start earning rewards immediately!



Simply use the Wellth application to take a picture of your medication(s) every day. It’s fun, helps you stay healthy, and takes less than 1 minute!


Get paid.

A Wellth rewards card with your name on it will be sent to you. We add money to your card and you can spend it to live a healthier, happier life!

“The rewards are a gift, but the main reward is I’m not as tired, I don’t feel run down, I can walk that little bit extra. My PT was thrilled to see me up, moving around more, my blood pressure looking great. My breathing is so much better too.”

- Theodore, New York City

“If you’re looking to improve your health, if you’re looking for something that really works with you, Wellth helps you a lot. It’s simple and easy and I 100% recommend it.”

- Luz, New York City

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